surfboards shape by Thibaut paruite (SPOE) spoe_surfboards handshape in biarritz,anglet france


Every board shaped by Thibaut paruite (SPOE) is inspired by his never-ending relationship with the art of surfing. Just like every wave is unique, every board is treated like a piece of art. SPOE 100% handshapes all of his boards, maintaining a physical commitment from the shaping process to the act of surfing itself. His goal in shaping is to fuse the arts of board building and wave riding using harmonic lines.
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Thibaut paruite (SPOE) doit à sa necessité de fabriquer des planches sa curiosité de surfer, fabriquant chaque planche comme un objet d'art et de design ayant comme but final l'entremêlement de lignes et la fusion d'un  ensemble. Entretenir un engagement physique,du geste de fabriquer à celui de surfer. Information ou commande :

100% Designed & 100% Handshape by SPOE- No F**kin CNC/ Laminating by Fantastic Acid



Go fast. Have fun. With a flat rocker and a simple concave, this board is designed to give you a boost when the swell drops. It features resin tint and pigment for a timeless, classic aesthetic. 

Sans titre-22.jpg


Keep it cruisy. With lots of volume and flatness through the deck, this board is built for easy paddling and quick turns.
It’s got resin tint and pigment — because styles change, but style doesn’t.

Sans titre-23.jpg

G-JACK mini (6 to 8’)

This is the board for the waves you actually want to surf. Think: plenty of swell at a speedy pointbreak. With a pulled in tail and medium rocker, it’s fast with plenty of drive. See your line, draw it and enjoy the ride.

Sans titre-25.jpg

G-JACK (8 to 9’8)

Big waves and bold lines. The Gentleman Jack is designed for timeless surfing on bigger, deep water waves. 

Sans titre-26.jpg

INDICA mini (7 to 9’)

A classic log, shrunken down. The Indica Mini is designed for more maneuverability and is a fun board for surfers of all skill levels. 

Sans titre-27.jpg

INDICA (9’2 to 10’)

A timeless design for timeless surfing. The Indica is a classic longboard designed for cruising anywhere you go.Pin or square tail.

Sans titre-28.jpg


Less friction. More fun. The Lucy is a finless shape made to bring out the wild slide in your surfing. short and long version depending of your spot.

Sans titre-24.jpg


Classic, meet chaos. Inspired by the mini-simon. The Sassafrass is a small, highly maneuverable board with an asymmetrical design.

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